Geometric Disciplines

MIT Fall 2018

Instructor: Jeremy Jih

As doubly ruled surfaces, hyperboloids have been generative geometries for designers since the 19th century. They enable highly complex forms to be made from straight segments of construction materials that otherwise could not be. However, often hyperbolic geometries are used as single objects - from Vladimir Shukhov's lattice towers, to Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower. This project challenges the singular use of hyperbolic geometries.  

Two hyperboloids of revolution are merged and intersected in such a way that they produce a self inclosing geometry. Unlike the conventional use of hyperboloids that are not biased to a particular viewpoint, this project gives a specificity and a unique reading of the geometry from any given viewpoint.

The sculpture provides a double reading of the underlying construction principle - straight segments of brass are inlayed into a doubly curved surface.

The project was exhibited at the MIT Museum as part of the “Drawing, Designing, Thinking: 150 Years of Teaching Architecture at MIT” exhibition.

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