Prosthetic Garden

Thesis Project
Bennington, Spring 2017

Advisor: Donald Sherefkin

The project explores prosthetics as a way of preserving and redesigning a ruined garden located on the Bennington College campus.

Scaffolding systems are designed to reinforce the walls while supporting the growth of vegetation. The scaffold becomes the new skin of the garden; expanding and creating habitable spaces. Over time, vines would take over the brick walls and the scaffolding, and create natural walls, allowing nature to reclaim the old layer of architecture.

The proposal was informed by independent research on rebuilding conducted in l’Aquila, Italy. I followed the earthquake that struck the town in 2009. Complexity of rebuilding a seismic area illustrates how time and temporality acquire different meanings in local contexts. Filled with dysfunctional structures, the city is held together by steel and wood scaffolding - becoming a new layer of urban fabric and questioning where the structure begins and ends.

The work was displayed at Bennington College’s Usdan Gallery. 

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